Repair Service
Terms and Conditions


Updated 21st September 2016

This Repair Terms and Conditions contains information about repair services made provided by Techs at MERA or MERA, ACN 153 986 639 for website/online customers and our affiliates. By having services with Techs at MERA, you agree to these Repair Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time.


1. liquid damage

1.1 Devices which are faulty due to liquid ingress will have no warranty on the specific component fixed/replaced or work done. There is no warranty for the failure of any additional components at a later stage.

1.2 Due to possible corrosion, we accept no responsibility for any further faults which may occur during the time between the quotation and the commencement of repairs.

1.3 There is no warranty on devices that have indication of liquid ingress again after previous repair.

2. Devices THAT ARE Waterproof 

The device will no longer be waterproof or have the waterproof function after any inspection, quote and/or repair service is carried out on a device. 

3. Settings and data

3.1 Customer is responsible to back up their data prior to any repair. During the process of assessment, diagnosis and repair, it is possible that all user software settings and data may be lost. Please assume that all data may be lost when you repair your device with us.

3.2 We accept no responsibility for such losses.

4. Device Status

4.1 We will not be responsible for devices that have been physically damaged or has liquid ingress prior to handling.

4.2 We will be responsible for only the part 

4.3 Please make sure that you have removed your sim card and/or memory card and any other accessories from your device that are not related to your repair. We do not accept responsibility for loss of these items.

5. warranty

5.1 A Lifetime Warranty applies on parts and labour to repair services carried out by us from date of complete repair of device. 

5.2 If device has been tampered with in any way whatsoever, or if any other party attempts repair on the device, or if the device has been physically or liquid damaged; the one year warranty is void.

5.3 If the part, component or screen has scratches or damages; the one year warranty is void. Warrant (this also applies to general use. We suggest devices have cases that cover the front and back of the device as well as glass screen protectors to help keep the device in good condition).

5.4 Batteries only hold a 90 day warranty.


6.1 We do not provide warranty for the installation of any spare parts supplied by the customer.

6.2 Labour charges will apply for the un-installation of spare parts where the spare part installed was not supplied by us.

6.3 Labour charges may also apply for any cancellation or reversals of repairs after confirmation to proceed with repairs has been given.

6.4 We will not provide warranty for any liquid damage repair or devices that have liquid ingress.

6. manufacture warranty

The customer takes full responsibility of any manufacturer warranty that may or may not be voided whilst the phone is being serviced by us.

7. Device pick-up

7.1 We will notify the customer to pick up the device by SMS, email, or via calling customer once repair service is complete by us or cancelled by customer.

7.2 The device is to be picked up within 30 days by the customer from the first notifications sent through SMS, email or phone call.

7.3 We will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any phone that has not been picked up within 30 days from the first notification of completion of repairs.

7.4 Customers may pick up the device from affiliate stores, office or by mail, in some cases, an appointment must be arranged prior. Customer must specify the preferred method to pick up devices.

8. postage

8.1 Postage applies to devices posted to us and/or devices that require return by mail.

8.2 We will notify customers of the postage fee upon quotation of the repair service.

8.3 In the rare event that a device is lost in transit, we do not take any responsibility for lost/stolen goods in transit, whilst we do use and recommend reputable freight companies to pick up and deliver.

8.4 Postage fees must be paid in full prior to dispatch.

9. right reserved on unpaid / uncollected goods

We reserve the right to dispose of products and/or sell the device 60 days after notification of completion of repairs if the total service fee amount is unpaid and/or if the device are not collected in this time.

10. Repair service cancellation

Labour charges may also apply for any cancellation or reversals of repairs after confirmation to proceed with repair is given. However in In the event of an unsuccessful repair, there will be no charge incurred.

11. Quotation/repair process

11.1 All Quotations are free of charge and generally take between 24 to 48 hours, though in some instances it may take longer. In some instances jobs may need to be requoted.

11.2 The goods are tendered for service and are left at the customer’s own risk. We understand the urgency with which you require the service to be completed so we will endeavour to complete the service as soon as possible. However, jobs may vary from the estimated time of completion depending on part availability or other constraints.

11.3 Customer acknowledges that the price quoted only covers replacement of the parts and included labour listed as part of the quotation, but shall not cover other problems revealed during the repair process.

11.4 If after replacing the agreed parts, further parts need to be replaced for the device to be in good working order, we will contact the customer for permission to proceed and will advise of any further part or labour costs.

12. Pricing

12.1 Quotations are valid for 24 hours from time of quotation. The quoted price may change as the cost of part may vary depending on supplier price and availability.

12.2 Repair services and prices displayed on our website, in stores or on our marketing material are subject to our Terms of Service. 

12.3 Prices are for repair services unless we specify otherwise. Pictures of devices and phones shown on throughout our website and marketing material are not inclusive and are displayed as example only. We do not claim to hold any copyrights for them.

12.4 Call out fee are the charges for our tech to come out to you. Free call outs are only available to the service areas that are specified by our Service Area map in blue. Areas outside the Blue Areas have call out fee charges. The fee is determined by us and will be quoted to the customer on enquiry. It is a non-refundable fee we charge for travel to the customer and separate from the service repair amount.

13. Questions

For any questions or enquiry about the Repair Terms and Conditions, please contact us.